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Horn Helmets: always in balance between tradition and innovation.

The name Horn Helmets comes from the union of those that, we Neapolitans, call the three "R"; the horn must be Red, it must be able to Break, when it has exhausted its function, but above all it must be given. Horn means horns and in fact takes back the ancient popular belief of the potential of the red horn that, if always carried with it, is able to drive away the negativity.

We take care of creating custom helmets since 2004. Our main purpose has always been to create unique and inimitable products for all those who want to cut their personal style, even when they are "riding" their bikes and their scooters.

As a connoisseur, we know that owning a motorbike or a scooter does not just mean preferring speed to the comfort of a car, but it means "marrying" a way of being. Life, seen from a motorcycle, has a different taste: it means adventure, the desire to explore, to go beyond the limits of the attainable. The scooter, although always a two-wheeled vehicle, is another way to be, made of speed and desire to travel, but comfortably and elegantly.

Our customized helmets are the perfect expression of this way of being, which is different from person to person and choice of choice. We make your state of mind for an amazing road trip.

Our customized helmets for men and women are made only with the use of very precious materials, such as leather. An ancient tradition of leather goods joins the desire to create a unique, unrepeatable and inimitable object, but above all useful.

Choose your helmet: fabric, design, print, logo, image, color of the visor and we make it for you. You have the possibility to opt for one of our many custom helmets or create one of the new ones, thanks to the use of our 3D configurator.

Modern technology and quality of materials, come together to guarantee an original object, but above all only yours.

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Horn helmets

Via U. Masoni, 86/b - 80141 Naples (ITALY)



Gianpiero Di Stasio
executive organzier


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Mobile tel:   +39 328.5926505


Founded in 2004, Horn design makes unique "on demand" products that are configured and ordered directly online from our website The products are delivered by express courier throughout Europe within 10 days.
Customized helmets, covers with your printed pictures and the unique facebook diary are among our main products. Our graphic studio is open from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 17:00. You can find us at Via Masoni, 86 – 80141 Naples.  Upon appointment, you can come to our offices to see the quality of the products. With our advice, order a customized product, and come pick it up directly from our office.
For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Horn helmets

Via U. Masoni, 86 - 80141 Napoli (ITALY)


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