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Helmet Bruce Springsteen

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139 139,00 €


This is the range for movie buffs and lovers of TV series, cartoons, comics, music and entertainment in general. For those who have a favourite actor or actress, sketch, quote or particularly meaningful scene that they do not want to erase from their memory.


This is the range of helmets for lovers of all ages, for those who recognise themselves in certain movies or the lyrics of a song from every age.


Customisation mainly takes place using the online configurator, starting with a basic helmet in the colour or fabric of your choosing, then uploading the image or writing to be printed onto it. How much simpler could it be?



You can also choose to create your helmet with or without a visor, or sideways or embroider the sides with your initials, your name or that of your girlfriend, or apply special prints with the design of their favorite comic, the singer of the moment, or the emblem of your favorite team. The custom line also offers a series of nice customizations on a patriotic theme, it is possible to reproduce on your helmet any kind of flag in the world by choosing among the different creative options depending on the model, changing the colors of the leather.


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Maximum number of characters: 300

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Estensione file permessa per il caricamento: png, jpg, jpeg, bmp, tiff, tif, gif

Larghezza massima immagine: 10000 px.

Altezza massima immagine: 10000 px.

139 139,00 €



All our helmets have been approved (ECE2205) , E1 (Italy) E9 or E13 they are hand finished in our workshops; the faux leather or printing is first sewn and then folded inside the shell to prevent penetration of water and air.


Horn helmets are hand coated in our specialized laboratories, here our specialists combine a great and essential technical expertise with passion and renowned creative skills.


The realization technique is strictly handmade according to the best craftsmanship tradition. Every single part of our helmets is first sewed and finished by hand, to ensure excellent waterproof and airproof features; finally, the leather, eco-leather or texture used, is stitched to the inside of the cap. Available sizes: XS-S-M-L-XL-XXL.


By using our configurator, you can choose the model, colors, accessories and materials you prefer and make your helmet even more unique and inimitable by customizing it with a brand, your initials, text or images sent by you!


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